1 Million Donors

Obama for America

A core principle of Barack Obama’s campaigns, has always been that they are powered by small dollar donations from millions of everyday supporters giving what they can afford. It was in this spirit that we wanted to celebrate an early milestone for the campaign – one million individual donors.


Coming relatively early in the campaign (November 2011), this interactive infographic was one of our first attempts at visualizing the massive amounts of data we had been accumulating. By bubbling up that data in transparent ways, and personalizing it as much as possible, we were able to tell a compelling story about our organization and the people who made it possible.

The full infographic. We later created pieces for 2, 3, and 4 million donors.

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By slicing donations by date and time, we were able to create a dynamic histogram showing the distribution of dollars. By hovering over each bar, a user could see the exact number of donations that had been made at that time of day.

An interactive chart showing when our donors gave.


An example of some of the widgets found in the infographic. The most popular by far, was the ability to type in your own name and in real time see how many other donors shared that name. People with seemingly unique names were often surprised to find they were not alone.