Accomplishments Map

Obama for America

After four years in office, there had been many significant accomplishments from President Obama’s first term. But it can be hard for voters to separate signal from the noise. Why not let the numbers speak for themselves? We aggregated the results from the President’s policies – jobs created, people insured, taxes lowered – and mapped them across the nation. The result was an interactive map with data that was hard to dispute.



Working with our Technology Field Office in San Francisco (the first of its kind), we designed a flexible map-based interface. This allowed users to input their ZIP code and explore the positive results from the Obama’s first term in and around their city. Beyond that, you could explore the data sliced across six different policy categories; health care, energy, jobs, taxes, small business, and education.

Recovery act data plotted by location.


To keep the interface as simple as possible, we simply asked for a user’s ZIP code to retrieve data. In some circumstances a ZIP code could span multiple different counties, so in order to ensure we were serving the most location-aware data as possible, we required an extra step of disambiguation.

A users specifying the county they live in.


Since maps aren’t the most space-efficient interface, we designed the form input interface to be multi-purpose and flexible.

Error and disambiguation steps within the form input.