Decision Makers

Since its inception, has seen over 50 million people take action to make change. Until now that has largely been a one-way proposition. With for Decision Makers, we set out to design the world's first two-way petition platform letting decision makers respond to and interact directly with their constituents.


The Decision Makers product built upon the existing petition platform, which is used by millions every day. The focus of the launch page was to engage decision makers to claim their verified profiles. This would ensure that when petitions were created, their identity would be surfaced as a potential target.



Once a decision maker profile had been claimed and verified, they would begin receiving petitions targeted to them. Any user of is able to see these petitions by viewing the decision maker's profile page. From here you can monitor the activity of petition signers as well as responses sent from the decision maker's team.



One of the great challenges of designing this product, was that it needed to seamlessly fit into the existing architecture and user experience of the platform. Above are some UX sketches for the mobile experience of creating a new targeted petition, and viewing the profile of a decision maker.


After the launch of decision makers, the majority of new petitions would still be targeted at "unconfirmed" targets. This meant that we needed to design a new targeting experience that could accomodate this, as well as intelligently surfacing the verified decision maker profiles.


One of the longer term project that we only began to lay the groundwork for, was a premium membership revenue model. While it didn't launch for several more years, we did some very early prototyping and smoke tests to see how different UX flows would convert.