Mario Super Sluggers


As one of the lesser known titles in a classic franchise, Mario Super Sluggers for the Wii was one of the first to utilize the Wii remote in interesting ways. While at POP, we designed a kid-friendly site to teach people about this revolutionary new gaming system.



Mario has one of the most recognizable faces in gaming, and much of the site design revolved around large character art. With both a traditional navigation and a secondary navigation modeled as a baseball diamond, the site design encouraged exploration.

The homepage, where we are introduced to Mario and Luigi.


Using a vintage baseball aesthetic, we wanted to get people comfortable with the idea of using this new Wii remote. We broke down the skills training into the three main mechanics of the game, and threw Yoshi in for good measure.

Learn how to play baseball on the Wii.


Each character in the game has different strengths and weaknesses, so we created a fun way to learn about each of them. We graphed out their core skills, and animated between them.

Wario bats and throws right handed.


Kids could download baseball card widgets for each of their favorite characters.