Quick Donate

Obama for America

During the course of the 2012 election cycle, Obama for America raised more than $690 million online. There was a lot of innovation required to make this possible, and one of the most game changing pieces was the Quick Donate program. Below are what we referred to as “Chiclets”, and were one part of the overall Quick Donate experience.



The principle of Quick Donate was to allow our supporters to contribute to the campaign whenever was most convenient to them, without needing to fill out extensive forms or navigate to the campaign website.

By saving their payment information with the campaign we were able to present these branded, tactile buttons to them in various places, and process their donations with a single click.


By encapsulating the donation experience into a very small area, we were able to handle all potential success and error cases, along with the ability to change your donation amount (not pictured).


The buttons were available to embed on users’ personal websites, in both large and small formats depending on the context they wanted to the use them in.