Voting Lookup Tool

Obama for America

The singular goal of any campaign is to maximize your supporters and get them to vote for you. Sadly, the latter isn’t as easy for people as it should be. Not only are the rules different in every state, but each employs a different schedule and set of voting locations for both the Early Vote period and Election Day itself. To make matters worse, the states rarely offer a simple way for voters to get this information.



We addressed this problem by building a tool that acted as a one-stop-shop for voters across the country. It was a mission-critical tool whose interface grew and evolved over the three months leading up to Election Day, and handled millions of visitors on November 6th.

The design of the tool on launch day. It would go through eleven separate revisions.


In order to maximize conversions, we A/B tested many aspects of the design. Shown here are a couple of examples we tested for the initial search form.

Designs that were A/B tested against each other.


As we monitored usage of the product over time, we began to iterate on the interface. In the examples above you can see the new emphasis placed on the email-yourself functionality, which enabled users to send their voting details to themselves.

Email functionality allowing users to easily save information.


This is one of the later revisions of the product, closer to Election Day, when we were supporting both Early Vote and November 6th data. We continued to iterate the main UI as well, highlighting featured locations as well as the ability to filter out closed voting locations.

The product gaining a significant amount of new functionality over time.


As with most projects on the campaign, sharing was a crucial feature to ensure this valuable tool was seen by as many voters as possible. Shown here is a simple flow for a targeted sharing feature, enabled once a user authenticated with their Facebook account.

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