Ohio Recovery Map

Obama for America

One of the President’s most impactful decisions was the bailout of the American automotive industry. Estimates say this action saved upwards of one million jobs, at a crucial time in our economy’s recovery. The effects of this were felt heavily than in Ohio, where the automotive industry is a crucial element of it’s economy. To illustrate this impact, we designed an experience focused on the personal stories of regular people across Ohio and how they benefitted from this bold investment.



The main interface and focal point of this site is a live Google Map with data overlaid on top, yet users are given the ability to dig deeper on a more local level. The first level shown here on the homepage, contains the five main manufacturing hubs in Ohio, indicated by the blue dots. Each dot contains the number of personal stories held within, with a variable size based on that number.

The homepage of the site, showing the main automotive manufacturing hubs in Ohio.


After selecting one of the five cities on the map, you are zoomed into a detail view of the area. The map is then populated with up to eight individual’s stories of how the auto recovery impacted their lives. You could then click through all eight stories, or navigate between other cities.

Personal stories from the auto recovery in Youngstown, OH.


To better tell the story of each city, we added in other relevant data points, as well as smaller quotes and anecdotes to go alongside the larger stories.

Different interactions within the map for each city.